Yet again, ‘modern science’ has managed to confirm what has been common knowledge to the shaman for thousands of years…

Psychedelic Mushroom Compound Found to Grow and Repair Brain Cells (a study by the University of South Florida) ((Duh, SWIM’d argue the good they do goes way beyond just repairing brain cells!)


About nuthals

I'm a 19 year old sophomore at UW-Madison, I'm double majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, and plan to put myself through medical school somewhere on the west coast after my five years here. As of late my interests have turned to an unyielding quest of the soul, of spirituality to the highest and truest degree. Being human, and young, many of my thoughts are yet unexplored, and thus my understanding of the human experience is always lacking, and I want to use this blog as a medium for myself to express my thoughts, both for myself so I can have a reference on this journey, and for others so they can experience part of my journey with me. So in my blog, I'll write what I'm thinking about, however estranged, neurotic, crazy, simple, right or wrong it is. No apologies.
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